Ishq Tmasha Episode 15 Full Episode Review

That was so UNEXPECTED! Because of the nearness of two lead on-screen characters and the way that Arham had a propensity for getting engaged with mishaps, I was not expecting his passing. Be that as it may, indeed, the producers do have accompanied a noteworthy turn. Arham's passing has caused a massive disturbed as now we realize that Rushna won't in the long run understand her realism and wed him. Arham's over the top nature was the main consideration for his passing yet what really activated it was Rushna's greatly discourteous conduct. Arham's family is a passionate disturbance normally and can't deal with his young takeoff from this world.
Mehrab however at first was made up for lost time in demolition on losing his sibling, he will now focus on getting revenge. At the point when his phupho called Arham's passing a murder, Mehrab was exchanged and he is currently intending to get his retribution. He is additionally pointing the finger at Mirha for the greater part of this however he realized that Mirha has no power at all in Rushna's life.
Rushna is such a narrow minded individual. The entire scene was loaded with her family always reprimanding Mirha. Her mom and sibling character disgraced her dully. They continued hinting that Mirha has fled with Mehrab and what Rushna did? She concurred with them in this scene.
 She knows how Mirha was wronged, she knows she has nothing to do with Arham and his family yet at the same time she has made her life hellfire for reasons unknown by any stretch of the imagination.
 Again she called that poor person Murad and tormented him however he had done nothing incorrectly. It was her own mom and sibling who pledged her to Murad and still, she called him and offended him.
Mirha is clearly in an unbalanced position after Arham's passing. Her endeavors at cleaning Arham's room didn't bode well however. You are neither the sister nor girl nor spouse of Mehrab, why are you guiding housekeepers to do stuff and driving phupho to confront her when truly, Mehrab is her guilty party. She should cut her some slack after the disaster she has confronted as opposed to dancing before her like the proprietor of the house.